Prime 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, (Vegetarian, Easy and Simple Recipes)

Prime 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, vegetarian, easy and simple recipes. These recipes can have your again if you observe your Low Fodmap weight loss program plan. These recipes can be utilized you probably have IBS, IBD, GERD, acidity, chorn’s illnesses and collitis. The highest 10 Low fodmap recipes will add selection to your in any other case monotonous weight loss program plan.

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, Vegetarian, Easy and Simple Recipes

Listed here are some easy, vegetarian, simple Low Fodmap recipes Indian. These are constructed from easy and simply obtainable elements in each indian family. There could also be some fruits that aren’t simply obtainable in your metropolis that now we have used. Nonetheless, we promise to carry you as many selection and extra Low fodmap recipes in your style pallate.

1. Fruit Parfait

Top 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian ( Vegetarian, Simple and Easy Recipes)


Coconut milk yoghurt             ½ cup

Kiwi                                        25 gms

Cantaloupe                              25 gms

Berries                                    25 pinch

Pumpkin Seeds                       1 Tablespoon

Roasted Oats                           1 Tablespoon

Honey                                     1 Tablespoon



Put together curd from coconut milkBeat the curd and maintain it asideChop all fruits into small cubesRoast rolled oats until it turns golden brownTake 1 broad backside glass and place the lower fruits on the bottomMix the roasted oats with honey and place its layer on fruitsPour the overwhelmed curd over the layer of oatsGarnish with the pumpkin seeds on high and serve both chilled or at room temperature

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2. Rice and Basil pancakes

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian


Cooked Rice                           1 cup

Bell pepper                             25 gms

Camembert Cheese                 30 gms

Carrot                                      25 gms

Tomato                                    25 gms

Basil leaves                             1 Tablespoon

Coconut milk                          50 ml

Salt                                          to style

Ginger paste                            ¼ teaspoon

Oil                                           1 teaspoon


Mash cooked riceChop all veggies together with basil leaves and cheeseMix every little thing thoroughlyAdd ginger paste, salt, oil, coconut milk and blend wellAdd water until the combination is mushy sufficient to unfold on the tawaLet the combination relaxation for half hour then make the pancakes on non-stick tawaServe it sizzling with coconut chutney or coriander chutney


three.Tofu Tikka

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian


Tofu                                        100 gms

Oil                                           15 gms

Tomato                                    50 gms

Bell Peppers                           50 gms

Salt                                          to style

Ginger paste                           ½ teaspoon

Turmeric powder                    ¼ teaspoon

Coriander seeds powder        2 pinch



Minimize tofu and veggies into 1 inch cubesMarinate the cubes with all of the spices, vinegar, ginger paste and blend wellLet the marinate relaxation for half hourInsert 1 dice of tofu adopted by a chunk of bell pepper and tomato into the skewersRepeat until the skewer is fullHeat non-stick pan and place the skewer on the panBrush oil all around the veggie and tofu cubes and grill on all sides until it turns into golden brownIf you don’t have skewer then merely place every bit of tofu and veggie on non-stick tawaBrush every bit with oil and roast until it turns into golden brown on each the sidesServe it with inexperienced chutney or tomato chutney


four. Italian Potato Cheese Rosti

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian


Potato              100 gms

Feta cheese     1 tablespoon

Salt                  to style

Combined herbs    1 pinch



Grate potato and cheeseAdd salt and blended herbs and blend it thoroughlyHeat a non-stick tawa and place the combination on itPat the combination evenly with fingers to make spherical skinny rosti/ chillaRoast it on each side until it turns into golden brownServe it sizzling with curd constructed from almond milk or soy milk or coconut milk


5.Pasta Salad

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian


Gluten free pasta               ¼ cup

Cherry tomatoes               25 gms

Lettuce                              25 gms

Cucumber                         25 gms

Salt                                    to style

Lemon juice                      1 teaspoon

Honey                               1 teaspoon

Pumpkin seeds                  1 teaspoon

Walnuts                             1 teaspoon



Boil and pressure the pastaFinely chop all of the greens and walnutssteam the veggies for 10 minutes to keep away from the fiber from irritating your gutMix the pasta, greens and the spicesAdd vinegar and honey ultimately and blend wellEither serve the salad chilled or at room temperature


6. Zucchini Bomb

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian


Zucchini                      50 gms

Cherry tomatoes         three no

Boiled Egg                  1 no


Tofu                            50 gms

Lemon juice                1 teaspoon

Salt                              to style

Toothpicks                  three quantity



Cube the boiled egg or tofu and sprinkle salt evenly over itPeel zucchini into skinny strips with a peelerRoll the zucchini strips across the cherry tomato and maintain it in place with the assistance of a toothpickAdd diced egg or tofu over this rolled bomb of tomato and zucchiniMake three such bombsSprinkle lemon juice and chaat masala and serve it as a finger meals or salad or night snack


7. Turnip Potato Buttons

Low FODMAP Recipes Indian


Turnip                         50 gms

Potato                          50 gms

Turmeric                     ¼ teaspoon

Salt                              to style

Ginger paste                ¼ teaspoon

Oil                               1 teaspoon



Boil and mash potato and turnipFinely chop bell peppersMix all of the elements and make 1 inch ballsFlatten the balls with palmsHeat the griller or non-stick pan and roast each side of those buttons until golden brownServe it sizzling with coriander or tomato chutney


eight. Neer dosa


Top 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, vegetarian, simple and easy recipe


Rice                             ¼ cup gms

Coconut                      ¼ cup

Salt                              to style



Soak rice for four to six hours and drain all of the waterGrate the coconut with out the outer skinBlend rice and coconut to make a clean pasteUse just one tablespoon water whereas blenderisingAdd water until the batter turns into of water like consistencyAdd salt as per tasteHeat the forged iron tawa or a non-stick dosa tawa and pour the batter and roast on each side until there’s mesh like appearanceServe the dosa with dry potato vegetable and tomato chutney


9. Dates Oats Bites

Top 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, vegetarian, simple and easy recipe


Dates                           50 gms

Oats                             1 tablespoon

Chopped Walnuts       1 tablespoon

Pumpkin seeds            ½ teaspoon



Take away seeds from the dates and roast it in a non-stick panRoast the oats, walnuts and pumpkin seeds individually and grind it coarselyMix all of the elements effectively and make balls or cubes out of itThe bites are able to serve


 10. Egg or Hen Curry

Top 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, vegetarian, simple and easy recipe


Eggs (For Omelette)   1 no


Hen                       100 gms

For Gravy     

Chopped tomato         100 gms

Oil                               10 gms

Turmeric powder        ¼ teaspoon

Salt to style

Ginger paste                ½ teaspoon

Jeera                            1 pinch



Arduous boil the eggs and lower into dices or shred and boil the chickenFor gravy, warmth the oil, put jeera and let it splutterAdd tomato puree and cook dinner until the oil separatesPut all of the spices together with salt and cook dinner for an additional minuteAdd the lower egg or shredded rooster within the gravy and provides a correct boilServe this sizzling curry with rice



We hope these Prime 10 Low FODMAP Recipes Indian, vegetarian, easy and simple recipes allow you to in including selection. Listed here are just a few extra recipes and particulars of Low fodmap weight loss program that may allow you to in recovering out of your digestive points.  To avail your private weight loss program plan in your medical points and signs, you may write to us at [email protected]. Or examine this web page Private weight loss program session.

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