3000 Calorie Indian Food regimen Plan for Weight Acquire (7 Days Weight Acquire Food regimen PDF)

All of us have that one pal who has a voracious urge for food and but they handle to remain slim. We at all times marvel the place all that meals goes? Few individuals have a really excessive metabolism that makes use of all of the meals. Generally individuals simply need to placed on weight for muscle bulking or for restoration from sickness. Here’s a 3000 Calorie Indian Food regimen Plan for Weight Acquire (7 Days Weight Acquire Food regimen PDF for obtain).

3000 Calorie Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain (7 Days Weight Gain Diet PDF)

Tips on how to Acquire Weight?

Instantaneous weight achieve might need sure unwanted effects like bloating, abdomen misery, or fluid retention. Excessive fats or carb meals can create well being problems like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, or coronary heart issues. 1 – 2 kgs per week. Gradual weight achieve ought to be the intention.

Suggestions for Weight Acquire

Keep away from water earlier than mealsEat frequentlyEat nutrient-dense foodsUse massive portion sizesConsume full-fat milk and its productsGet sufficient sleepQuit smoking

3000 Calorie Indian Food regimen Plan for Weight Acquire

Meals Checklist For Weight Acquire:

Cereals are a supply of carbohydrates. They assist so as to add bulk, energy, muscle development, and weight achieve. It additionally offers glycogen that’s used as power for the physique. Embrace whole-grain cereals, millets, whole-grain bread and pasta, cereal bars (sugar-free), and many others.

Dals and pulses give a great quantity of proteins that may assist to present bulk to the physique. With the correct quantity of carbohydrates and energy coaching, they are going to add to the burden. Use pulses, sprouts, dals in varied recipes to extend the nutrient worth.

Nuts and seeds have high-fat content material together with proteins and fiber. Consumption of the correct quantity helps in wholesome weight achieve. The nuts have omega three fatty acids that may assist scale back exercise irritation. These nuts are calorie-dense and may present excessive energy in small quantities. Try to embody these nuts and seeds in most recipes to extend the calorie content material of the recipe.

Milk has a great macronutrient composition for weight achieve. You possibly can devour double-strength milk by including skim milk powder to the milk to make it extra nutrient-dense. Milk consumption after a exercise offers one of the best end result. Complete fats milk paneer or cheese in the correct quantities may also praise the burden achieve.

Poultry, egg, and fish are excessive in protein helps to extend the muscle mass within the physique. Fish additionally comprises good high quality omega three fatty acid that’s cardioprotective. Animal proteins are simply absorbed within the physique and aids weight achieve.

Fruit and veggies won’t add on additional energy however will give colour to meals. They fulfill the nutritional vitamins and mineral necessities. Try to add starchy greens like potatoes, candy potatoes, and yam to your food regimen. Fruits like banana, sapota, jackfruit, custard apple, avocados will assist weight achieve.

Cereal bars (sugar-free), protein shakes additionally add to the additional protein and carbohydrates required for weight achieve. These merchandise after the exercise have most advantages. Attempt to choose merchandise which have pure substances slightly than synthetic bulking brokers.

Meals to Keep away from throughout Weight achieve:

3000 Calorie Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

It may appear the straightforward manner out however has plenty of well being implications. Keep away from fried, junk, and creamy desserts.

Extra consumption of refined sugars would possibly result in excessive triglyceride ranges and result in insulin resistance. Try to keep away from undesirable sugars in your recipes.

Reined flours, bakery merchandise, sodas, sports activities drinks are all empty energy. It’s higher to exchange them with whole-grain cereals, fruits, and fruit juices.

3000 Calorie Indian Food regimen Plan for Weight Acquire

Macronutrient distribution:

Complete energy: 3000 kcalsCarbohydrates: 60 – 65 % of complete Kcals – 450 – 488 gmsProteins: 20 – 25 % of complete Kcals – 150 gms – 188 gmsFat: 15- 20 % of complete energy – 50 – 67 gms

7 Days 3000 energy Indian Weight Acquire Food regimen

Day 1:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Avocado anjeer smoothie1 cupMilk1 tbspSkim milk powder½ noAvocado2 noSoaked dry fig1 tbspSoaked chia seeds + flaxseedsMid-morning Mashed Potato and paneer 1 cupBoiled potato + Complete fats milk paneerLunch Unique stir fry Salad with pumpkin seeds1 cupZucchini + cherry tomatoes + bell peppers + Child corn + broccoli1 tbspPumpkin seedsMethi thepla4 noWheat flour + Methi leavesPeas Pulao1 cupRice + inexperienced peasGreen vegetable1 ½ cupLadies fingerDal fry1 cupTur dal + chana dalMid AfternoonFruit1 noBananaNight snackHummus1 cupChickpeaMultigrain pita bread2 noMultigrain flourCoffee1 cupMilkDinnerRooster Biryani2 cupBrown rice + Greens100 gmsChickenRaita1 cupCurd + vegetablesCream Tomato Soup1 cupTomatoes + cream (1 tbsp)Bedtime Masala Milk1 cupMilk1 tbspSkim milk powder 1 tbspDry fruit masala1 tspHoney


Day 2:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Masala Dosa2 no (7-inch radius)Dosa1 cupPotato fillingSambar1 cupTur dal + vegetablesCoconut chutney¼ cupCoconutFilter coffee1 cupMilk + espresso powderMid-morning Fruit yogurt1 cupCurd½ cupMixed berries1 tbspMixed seedsLunch Sprout Salad1 cupSprouts + VegetablesWhole Wheat Chapati4 noBran fortified Wheat flourRice1 cupRiceGreen vegetable1 cupTindaDal1 cupMasoor dalCurd1 cupWhole fats milk curdMid AfternoonEggs2 noBoiled EggOR boiled channa1   bowlNight snackVegetable Poha1 ½ cupRice flakes + vegetables½ cupCurdTea1 cupMilk + ElaichiDinnerVegetable Soup1 cupMix vegBajra Roti2 noBajra flourBaingan Bharta1 cupBrinjalDal1 cupMoong dalLassi1 cupWhole fats milk curdBedtime Almond turmeric milk1 cupMilk + Tumeric 1 tbspAlmond powder


Day three:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Peanut butter sandwiches4 slicesMultigrain bread slices4 tbspUnsweetened peanut butterCappuccino1 cupMilk1 tspCoffee powder1 tbspCream (Home made)Mid-morning Sprout and hen tikki½ cupSprouts100 gmChickenGreen Chutney2 tbspCoriander + mint leavesLunch Inexperienced Salad1 cupCucumber + lettuce+ tomatoes + onionsWhole Wheat Chapati4 noBran fortified Wheat flourKhichdi1 cupRice + dalGreen vegetable1 cupTindaMarwadi Kadhi1 cupCurd + chana flourCurd1 cupWhole fats milk curdMid AfternoonFruit3 – four noMedium dimension plumsNight snackMoongdal chilla pizza (small dimension)three – four noMoong dal1 cupVegetables + grated cheese (three – four tbsp)Orange Juice1 cupOrange (no sugar, unstrained)DinnerCombine Vegetable Salad1 cupCapsicum + onion + tomatoes + carrotsAaloo Paratha (medium)2 noWhole wheat flour + boiled potatoesCurd1 cupWhole fats milkRajma1 cupBoiled RajmaBedtime Cinnamon honey scorching chocolate1 cupMilk + cocoa powder +cinnamon powder 1 tbspHoney


Day four:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Sago khichdi2 cupsSago + PotatoPiyush1 cupMilk + curd + nuts + cardamom + saffron + honey or jaggery powderMid-morning Fish fritters2 medium-sizeFishMint yogurt dip1 cupCurd + mintLunch Onion Raita1 cupCurd + OnionNachni Roti2 noNachni + wheat flourJeera rice1 cupRiceGreen vegetable1 cupLadies fingerDal Tadka1 cupTur dalMasala Chaas1 cupWhole fats milk curdMid AfternoonFruit1 noBanana (Massive)Night snackVegetable Upma2 cupsRawa + VegetablesTea1 cupMilk + Tea MasalaDinnerUnique Vegetable Salad1 cupBell peppers + onion + cherry tomatoes + zucchini + broccoli + pumpkin seedsPesto Pasta2 cupsWhole wheat pasta + Vegetables½ cupPesto sauceMultigrain cheese garlic bread3 – four noWhole wheat bread slices + cheese + garlicBedtime Double energy elaichi  milk1 cupMilk + elaichi powder 1 tbspSkim milk Powder/ Protein powder

Day 5:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Oats Porridge1 ½ cupMilk1 tbspSkim milk powder2 tbspRolled oats15 gmsNuts powder1 tbspSoaked chia seeds½ cupChopped bananaMid-morning Cucumber sticks 1 cupCucumberJalapeno yogurt dip½ cupCurd + Chopped JalapenoLunch Inexperienced Salad1 cupBroccoli + tomatoes + Capsicum + Beet root + carrot + cucumber1 tbspPumpkin seeds + sunflower seedsMissi Roti4 noWheat flour + Methi + mint + coriander leavesTawa rice1 cupRice + VegetablesPotato vegetable1 ½ cupPotatoes + tomatoDal fry1 cupTur dal + chana dalMid AfternoonFruit1 noPearNight snackPaneer vegetable Franky1 noWheat flour + vegetables½ cupPaneerCoffee1 cupMilkDinnerNeer Dosa3 – four noRice flourVegetable Korma 1 ½ cupMix vegetable + potatoOnion Tomato Chutney½ cupOnion + TomatoSalted Lassi1 cupWhole fats milk  curdBedtime Dates Milk1 cupMilk1 tbspSkim milk powder 2 – three noSoaked dates


Day 6:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Paneer Membership Sandwich1 noMultigrain bread + Greens + PaneerGreen chutney¼ cupCoriander + mint leavesAvocado shake1 cupMilk + AvocadoMid-morning Granola and seeds yogurt1 cupCurd½ cupGranola (Multigrain)1 tbspMixed seeds1 tbspHoneyLunch Deviled Eggs1 cupPotato filling2 noBoiled eggsWhole Wheat Chapati4 noBran fortified Wheat flourRice1 cupRiceGreen vegetable1 cupKarelaDal1 cupMasoor dalButtermilk½ cupWhole fats milk curdMid AfternoonInexperienced Salad1 cupCucumber + onion + tomato + beetrootNight snackPaneer tikka 1 cupPaneer + Capsicum½ cupCurdCoffee1 cupMilk + Espresso powderDinnerSpinach Soup1 cupSpinach + onionJowar Roti2 noJowar flourPitla ( besan cooked  in buttermilk)1 cupChana flour + onion + tomato + curdMisal1 cupMoth beansSol kadhi1 cupCoconut milk + kokamBedtime Almond saffron milk1 cupMilk + saffron strands 1 + 1 tbspSkim Milk powder + Almond powder


Day 7:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Nuts25 gmsAlmonds, walnuts, fig, apricot, dried dateBreakfast Nachni satva1 ½ cupMilk2  tbspNachni flour2 + 2 noDates + Figs1 tbspSkim Milk Powder1 tbspAlmond powderMid-morning Grilled Rooster / paneer100 gmsChicken /paneer100 gmBell peppersGreen Chutney2 tbspCoriander + mint leavesLunch Apple Vegetable Salad1 cupCucumber + apples + tomatoes + onionsWhole Wheat Paratha3 noBran fortified Wheat flourCoriander rice1 cupRice +Coriander leaves + vegetablesVegetable jalfrezi1 ½ cupMix vegetableDal1 cupTur dalCurd1 cupWhole fats milk curdMid AfternoonFruit½ noDragon fruitNight snackKhaman Dhokla10 -12 pcsChana flourGreen Chutney2 tbspMint + coriander + curry leavesMasala milk1 cupMilk + Milk Masala1 tbspSkim Milk powder/ Protein PowderDinnerCombine Vegetable Salad1 cupCapsicum + onion + tomatoes + carrotsPaneer Paratha (medium)2 noWhole wheat flour + PaneerOnion Raita Curd1 cupWhole fats milk½ cupOnionsRajma1 cupBoiled RajmaBedtime Sizzling chocolate1 cupMilk + cocoa powder 1 tbspJaggery powder

Obtain the 3000 Calorie Indian Food regimen Plan for Weight Acquire PDF.

Obtain Indian 3000 Cal Weight Acquire food regimen plan pdf

Be aware:

1 cup = 200 mlYou should utilize 40 gms paneer, 100 gms hen/fish, 2 egg whites, 30 gms tofu, 150 gms curd, 150 ml milk interchangeably

 Indian Weight achieve food regimen plans on Dietburrp


Skilled steering at all times is useful to keep away from any irreparable errors. A 3000 kcal food regimen that’s healthful in carbohydrates, proteins, and fat will assist achieve wholesome weight. An train routine together with the food regimen will assist achieve weight simply.

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