7 days Indian Weight loss program plan for Weight Loss in PCOS / PCOD

We’re so nicely conscious of PCOS and its implications. There’s a sea of knowledge obtainable on tips on how to handle your PCOS. But we now have the dilemma of what ought to we eat and whatnot. Allow us to attempt to clear up our drawback. Hereby we now have per week’s menu / 7 days Indian eating regimen plan for weight reduction in PCOS / PCOD which you can comply with to regulate PCOS. It’s easy, simple, and sustainable.

7 days Indian Diet plan for Weight Loss in PCOS / PCOD

Weight Loss Suggestions for PCOD / PCOS: 

Fats loss is the first purpose to regulate PCOS. An appropriate proportion of fats within the physique helps handle all metabolic processes to run easily. It can additionally management your hormonal dysfunction. This 7-day Indian eating regimen plan for weight reduction in PCOS / PCOD  will aid you in dropping your fats weight.

Enhance insulin resistance by incorporating complicated carbohydrates. Embody numerous complete greens and fruits, complete grain cereals, millets, oat, quinoa, and so forth. Learn Indian Low carb eating regimen plan. It helps in dropping 5-6 kgs in a month.

Fiber-rich meals cut back fats deposits. It additionally relieves constipation and aids in weight reduction. Add recent vegetables and fruit, methi seeds, isabgol, or complete grains. Fiber retains you full for an extended time period which helps to keep away from frequent consuming.

Devour loads of proteins:

Acceptable proteins assist in the correct utilization of carbohydrates. It additionally will increase our physique’s metabolism and results in weight reduction. Embody good high quality proteins like egg whites, hen, fish, milk, and merchandise, soy, pulses in addition to dals. Learn a Excessive protein eating regimen plan for weight reduction. 

Emphasis on high quality of fats:

Cut back consumption of saturated fat like butter, ghee, or margarine. Embody omega three wealthy fat within the eating regimen. Add flaxseeds, olive oil, and avocado to the eating regimen. Use rice-bran oil, canola oil, or groundnut oil in rotation. Greatest oils for Pcod and Thyroid issues.

Keep hormone stability:

Embody meals wealthy in antioxidants. These assist to cut back physique stress and keep hormone stability. It additionally helps cut back PCOS-induced irritation within the physique. Additionally embrace meals containing phytoestrogen that can assist keep estrogen and progesterone ranges. Embody defatted soy and merchandise, nutritional vitamins and minerals wealthy fruits, nuts, chia seeds, moringa

Keep away from water retention within the physique:

With PCOS there is a matter of water retention in some females. Keep away from water retention by together with meals which have diuretic properties. Begin your day with soaked cumin seeds water or barley water. Hydrating your physique sufficiently additionally helps in avoiding water retention.

7 days Indian Weight loss program Plan for Weight Loss in PCOS / PCOD

Here’s a 7-day Indian eating regimen plan for weight reduction in PCOS / PCOD. This eating regimen plan is easy, sensible, and therefore simple to comply with.

Macronutrient distribution:

Whole power: 1200 kcals

Carbohydrate: 60 % – 65 % of complete power – 180 to 195 gms

Proteins: 20 – 25 % of complete power – 60 to 75 gms

Fat: 15 – 17 % of complete power – 20 to 23 gms

7 days Pattern Indian Weight loss program Plan for Weight Loss in PCOS / PCOD

Day 1:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked chia seeds1 tspChia seeds1 cupWarm Lemon WaterBreakfast Open Bean Mexican Toast½ cupBoiled beans (or boiled eggs)1 sliceWhole wheat bread / 1 rotiTurmeric Milk1 cupMilk ( Keep away from dairy in case you have Pimples points)1 pinchTurmericMid-morning Soaked nuts½ cupAlmonds + walnuts + pumpkin seedsLunch Lettuce Veggie Salad1 cupLettuce/ Palak + tomatoes + bell peppers + onions + carrotsMillet roti1 noJowar / Bajra / ragi  flourGreen vegetable1 cupLadies fingercooked Sprouts½ cupMoongMid AfternoonFruit curd1 cupCurd½ cupPeachNight snackVegetable Sukha Bhel1 cupKurmura + onion + tomato + cucumberDinner – 7 pm Inexperienced vegetable1 cupFrench beansVegetable pulav1 cupBrown Rice1 cup veggiesSambar1 cupTur dal + veggiesBedtime Nutmeg Milk1 cupMilk 1 pinchNutmeg powder


Day 2:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Moringa shot1 tspnMoringa100 mlWater (heat)Breakfast Nachni Dosa1 noNachni batterGreen chutney2 tablespoonsCoriander + MintInstant Coffee1 cupMilk1 tspCoffee powderMid-morning Fruit1 mediumMangoLunch Stir fry Cabbage1 cupCabbageMultigrain phulka2 noWheat flourGreen vegetable1 cupTinda / ToruDal1 cupMoong dal inexperiencedMid AfternoonButtermilk or1 cupCurdChicken broth100 gmsChickenNight snackKhakra Pizza1 noPlain Khakra½ cupBell peppers + onion + tomatoesDinnerVegetable Soup1 cupMix vegMillet Roti1 noBajra/ jowar / ragi flourGreen vegetable1 cupTuraiKadhi1 cup Buttermilk + besanBedtime Turmeric Milk1 cupMilk 1 pinchTurmeric


Day three:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Jeera water1 tspJeera1 cupWater (heat)Breakfast Vegetable Poha1 cupBrown rice pohaGreen chutney¼ cupVegetablesMasala Milk1 cupMilk1 TbspnMilk Masala (dry fruits)Mid-morning Fruit oats & curd1 cupCurd1/2 cupgranola1/2 cupBlueberries + mulberries (any fruit)Or boiled eggs2 noEgg whitesLunch Sprout Salad½ + ½ cupSprouts + VegetablesMethi Thepla2 noWheat flour + Methi leavesGreen vegetable1 cupBottlegourdMid AfternoonButtermilk1 cupCurdNight snackPuffed millet1 cupJowar puff / Wheat puffsGreen tea1 cupDinnerThai Curry1 cupMix veg½ cupCoconut milkJasmine Rice1 cupJasmine RiceGrilled eggplant½ cupEggplantBedtime Natural Milk1 cupMilk ½ inchGinger2 tablespoonLemongrass + Mint leaves


Day four:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Soaked Methi seeds1 tspMethi seeds1 cupWater (heat)Breakfast Oats porridge1 cupMilk2 tablespoonOats 10 gmsNutsMid-morning Fruit1 mediumAppleLunch Unique Vegetable Salad1 cupBell pepper + broccoli + child cornMillet Roti1 noBajra FlourGreen Vegetable1 cupPumpkinCurd1 cupCurdMid AfternoonInexperienced tea1 cupNight snackMasala Daliya1 cupDaliya¼ cupVegetablesDinnerVegetable soup1 cupMix vegVegetable Khichdi1 ½ cupRice + DalGujarati Kadhi¼  cupCurd1 tablespoonBesangreen vegetable1 cupbottle gourd / toru / palak / methiBedtime Sol Kadhi1 cupCoconut Milk 1 tablespoonKokam extract (soaked for five – 6 hrs)

Day 5:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Lemon Water1 tspLemon juice1 cupWater (heat)Breakfast Idli3 noIdli BatterSambar1 cupTur dal + VegetablesBullet coffee1 teaspoonCoffee powder1 tablespoonCoconut oilMid-morning Sprouts½ cupMoth beansLunch Cucumber raita1 cupCurd½ cupGrated cucumberMultigrain Roti1 noMultigrain FlourGreen Vegetable1 cupChawli / rajgeera leavesMid AfternoonFruit1 noPearNight snackMoongdal Dhokla7 – 10 pcsMoongdal greenRaw mango chutney2 tablespoonCoriander + Uncooked Mango + GarlicDinnerBroccoli Almond soup1 cupBroccoli + 1/eight cup almondsWhole wheat phulka2 noWhole wheat flourVegetable1  cupSpinachDal1 cupTur dalBedtime heat water + lemon+ haldi

Day 6:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Lemon Water1 tspLemon juice1 cupWater (heat)Breakfast Nachni Satva2 tablespoonNachni satva1 cupMilk2 noDatesMid-morning Fruit150 gmsDragon FruitLunch Inexperienced Salad1 cupMix VegetablesMillet Roti1 noJowar + Bajra FlourGreen Vegetable1 cupFrench beans + coconut Grilled fish/paneer or 100 gmsFish0r 100 gms PaneerMid AfternoonButtermilk1 cupCurdNight snackMoongdal Dhokla7 – 10 pcsMoongdal greenRaw mango chutney2 tablespoonCoriander + Uncooked Mango + GarlicDinnerBroccoli Almond soup1 cupBroccoli + 1/eight cup almondsWhole wheat phulka2 noWhole wheat flourVegetable1  cupSpinachDal1 cupTur dalBedtime Turmeric & Cinnamon Milk1 cupMilk ½ teaspoonTurmeric + a pinch of cinnamon


Day 7:

MenuQuantityComponentsEarly morning Barley Water   (boiled)1 tspBarley1 cupWaterBreakfast Vegetable Upma2 cupSemolina1 cupVegetable( carrot, beans, onion, Tomato)Mid-morning Soaked Nuts¼ cup (20 gms)Almonds + Walnuts + Apricot + Dry figLunch Peanut Salad¼ cupPeanuts½ cupOnions + TomatoesRice1 cupBrown RiceBlack Dal1 cupUrad dalButtermilk1 cupCurdMid AfternoonFruit2 mediumPlumNight snackChana Masala 1 cupBoiled black chana½ cupOnion + TomatoOr Rooster chickpea patty½ cup chickenBoiled chicken¼ cupBoiled chickpeaDinner1 bowl meal1 cupExotic vegetables½ cupBoiled spaghetti¼ cupDiced tofu½ cupBoiled rajma or hen or fish or boiled eggChia pudding1 cupCurd1 teaspoonChia seeds (soaked in curd within the morning)Mattress Time heat water with lemon + cinnamon1 glass

Be aware:

1 cup = 200 mlYou should utilize 40 gms paneer, 100 gms hen/fish, 2 egg whites, 30 gms tofu, 150 gms curd, 150 ml milk interchangeably


A modified excessive fiber, excessive anti-oxidant, low glycaemic index, excessive protein, ample fat assist right PCOS. Lowering insulin resistance, fats deposition, and growing metabolism is the important thing to weight reduction. Dairy should be prevented utterly in case you have any zits / Pimple points. In case you are enthusiastic about understanding a couple of pattern eating regimen plan that’s dairy-free, please remark beneath and tell us. We’d like to do it if any of you have an interest.

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