Ought to I Drink Water With Meals? Watch This Video.

Must you drink water earlier than, throughout, or after your meals?

Earlier than we reply that query, let’s speak a bit about hydration.

The very fact is, most individuals are dehydrated the entire time.

And sometimes, thirst manifests as starvation. Typically, our our bodies have hassle distinguishing between the 2, which implies that we’ll usually attain for meals once we must be pouring ourselves a tall glass of water or two.

How will we ensure that we keep hydrated?

Drink 2-Four glasses over water over a one-hour interval after you get up. For additional hydration and cleansing, add just a little little bit of lemon or apple cider vinegar.

So, must you additionally drink together with your meals?

Folks usually surprise if consuming water with or after a meal will intrude with their digestion.

Jon recommends consuming a glass of water BEFORE every meal. Since thirst is commonly mistaken for starvation, you might discover that you simply eat much less — or that you simply had been by no means really hungry in any respect!

In case you’re frightened about water diluting your digestive enzymes however nonetheless want to drink throughout your meal, take a digestive enzyme pill throughout your meal. It is a smart way to make sure that you’re getting one of the best digestion doable (the truth is, Jon recommends taking them no matter once you drink your water).

Extra nice digestion ideas:

Eat slowly and chew totally
Add extra fermented meals to your weight-reduction plan, like miso soup, tempeh, kefir, and dietary yeast
Eat fewer lifeless carbs (breads and high-sugar meals)
Keep away from consuming chlorinated water with meals

What number of glasses are you consuming per day?

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