Cinnamon for Weight Loss & Different Well being Advantages

Utilized by mankind since 2000 BC, cinnamon is a spice that was without delay valued greater than even gold. The spice has a number of medicinal properties for which it’s a well-known ingredient in ayurvedic science.

In addition to utilizing it as a house treatment for chilly and nausea, there are a lot of features to cinnamon diet info. One such is using cinnamon for weight reduction weight loss program.


Have you ever been at all times trying up for weight reduction ideas and obtained overwhelmed with so many concepts? Or have you ever been sweating lots within the health club currently and never shedding an inch? Weight reduction has change into a fable amongst us. 

From excessive weight loss program plans to excessive workout routines, there are such a lot of methods one can go for weight reduction. Nonetheless, just a few methods are possible for every day routines. 

Whereas the load loss trade is stuffed with a number of gimmicks, wholesome consuming occurs to be the neatest transfer for sustaining weight. And by wholesome consuming we don’t imply costly meals gadgets, we imply common meals sources which are helpful for well being in addition to weight reduction. 

One such wonderful diet supply is cinnamon. Sure, cinnamon aka in Hindi as dalchini is a spice that may do far more than twist up the dishes. In truth, there are a lot of well being advantages of cinnamon that makes this spice vital for the well being watchers. 

Cinnamon Dietary Details

Cinnamon helps in chopping the physique fats and therefore, expedite the load loss course of. However earlier than leaping into the way to use cinnamon for weight reduction, let’s know a bit concerning the dietary info of this spice.[8]

NameAmount (per 100 grams)Energy  247 KilojoulesWhole Fats 1.2 gramsLdl cholesterol zero milligramsSodium10 milligramsPotassium 431 milligrams Whole Carbohydrates 81 gramsProtein four gramsNutritional vitamins zero.05 gramsDietary Fibre 53.1 gram

Cinnamon is obtained from the internal bark of various bushes from the genus Cinnamomum. The time period “cinnamon” means mid-brown color. Cinnamomum Verum is a local to Sri Lanka, the Malabar Coast of India and Myanmar. 

Sri Lanka is thought to provide a lot of the world’s Ceylon cinnamon. Nonetheless, in 2016, China and Indonesia produced a whopping 75% of the world’s cinnamon provide. China is the native for the Cinnamomum cassia which is thicker than the Sri Lankan cinnamon. 

Advantages Of Cinnamon

Popularly identified so as to add style and flavour to dishes, cinnamon is without doubt one of the spices on this planet that comes with a number of well being advantages. In addition to the fragrant compounds, the spice incorporates many medicinal properties too. 

Virtually each a part of the cinnamon tree has some medicinal advantages, together with the leaves, flowers and roots.

Listed below are a number of the main advantages of cinnamon:

1. Cinnamon is a pure supply of antioxidants

Antioxidants are required by our our bodies to struggle in opposition to a number of oxidative damages created by free radicals. These antioxidants must be included in a weight loss program via totally different meals sources.

Research present that cinnamon incorporates extracts like ether, aqueous and methanol which have appreciable antioxidant actions. [1].Furthermore, in one other examine, cinnamon stood out as a winner with probably the most highly effective antioxidant properties, in comparison with different 26 spice varieties. [2]

2. Cinnamon advantages the diabetics

Cinnamon incorporates insulin-potentiating elements which may be of . Research reveal that the aqueous extract of cinnamon promotes insulin-potentiating results.

Cinnamon is great help for diabetes patients

One other examine proved that the polyphenol type-A polymer present in cinnamon, acts as insulin-like molecules. After this classification, naphthalene-methyl ester, a newly fashioned compound from hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, has proven glucose-lowering results that additional establishes cinnamon’s anti-diabetic properties. [three]

three. Cinnamon lowers ldl cholesterol

In addition to impacting the blood glucose ranges, cinnamon can also be believed to affect ldl cholesterol ranges. Whereas there have been many experiments proving this on mice and rats; a current examine reported that dosing of 1, three and 6 grams per day triggered a discount in whole ldl cholesterol and LDL levels of cholesterol in people. [four]

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four. Cinnamon impacts dangers of coronary heart illnesses

The impact of together with cinnamon in common diets has proven that the spice will be helpful in reducing of sort 2 diabetes in addition to reducing of dangerous levels of cholesterol. 

Researches have proved that consumption of cinnamon is instantly linked to a big reducing of fasting plasma glucose, whole levels of cholesterol in people. These statistics are related to reducing the dangers of coronary heart illnesses

5. Cinnamon will be helpful for Alzheimer’s

Cinnamon extracts present properties that inhibit the build up of the protein tau–an aggregation of which is discovered to be related to Alzheimer’s illness in vitro.  

Cinnamon’s aqueous extract can also be discovered to advertise disintegration of recombinant tau filaments related to Alzheimer’s Illness.[5] There have been many research in mice with Parkinson’s Illness additionally that confirmed the advantages of cinnamon in defending neurons and enhancing motor capabilities.

6. Cinnamon advantages weight reduction

The flavouring agent, Cinnamon, isn’t only a miracle spice for illnesses like diabetes and ldl cholesterol, it is usually fairly useful in weight reduction. 

cinnamon used in cooking

Research have reported that cinnamon supplementation can considerably have an effect on weight problems measures. [6]. The Ceylon Cinnamon supplementation can burn fats and can be utilized to handle weight in some ways.

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four Superb Methods Of How Cinnamon Helps In Weight Loss

1. Begin Your Day With Inexperienced Tea & Cinnamon:

Morning tea is at all times a good suggestion however a greater thought is so as to add the well being think about it. Ditch your common milk tea with a cup of health-boosting Cinnamon Inexperienced Tea. In addition to boosting your immunity, it would additionally make it easier to begin your day with a weight management tea.

Immunity Boosting Tea


200 ml Water5 – 6 nos Tulsi Leaves1/2 tsp Cinnamon Stick(Powdered)1/four tsp Inexperienced Tea


Take water in a tea vessel and add just a few tulsi leaves and a cinnamon stick. Boil the water for a while.As soon as it begins boiling, flip off the gasoline and add some inexperienced tea leaves with a spoon of honey. You’re now prepared with the well being tea!

2. Go for a wholesome breakfast by including cinnamon to it:

Whether or not an oatmeal or beginning off with a heavy breakfast (with a small quantity of brown rice), add cinnamon to the dish. Together with taste it would deliver you a morning enhance that may take you forward with the day!

Oat Porridge with Cinnamon


100 gm Oats150 ml Milk2 tsp Cinnamon Powderfour nos Walnutfour nos Almonds24 nos Raisins1 tbsp Honey200 ml Water


Take a bowl of water and add some quantity of oats to it. Stir it correctly and don’t make it too thick. Take some cinnamon powder to it together with some milk. Don’t over do the cinnamon, in any other case the style would possibly flip too candy. Prepare dinner them effectively and add walnuts, almonds and honey to the recipe. 

You’re now prepared together with your cinnamon breakfast!

three.  Cinnamon espresso at work:

If you’re all held up at work however can’t focus with out espresso, simply add some cinnamon to your caffeine doses. 

Sure, add some cinnamon powder to your espresso so as to add a pure enhance to your workplace breaks. It would maintain you lively at work, all day lengthy!

four. One other manner of including cinnamon to your weight reduction routine is to have a cinnamon – walnut smoothie:

Our consultants got here up with a yummy recipe that can assist you embrace extra cinnamon to your every day routine. 

Cinnamon-Walnut Smoothie

Servings – 2


250 ml coconut water5-7 nos walnutsVanilla extract for taste1/2 tsp cinnamon


The recipe is straightforward! Simply mix all of the elements in a blender and luxuriate in your wholesome smoothie.

How To Use Cinnamon To Lose Stomach Fats?

Whereas all of us need to drop some pounds, there’s a much bigger problem in shedding away these inches from the waist area. The plank workout routines are a great way to have an effect on the visceral fats however weight loss program can also be an integral a part of shedding the love handles.  

Though cinnamon doesn’t work on fats cells instantly, the spice helps in shedding weight and therefore stomach fats in a number of methods:

Cinnamon, when included within the weight loss program, helps in making you are feeling full after consuming.  It stabilizes the satiety response and therefore, prevents you from overeating.  Cinnamon additionally improves the digestion course of. Being a spice, it promotes the entire breakdown of meals by the digestive hormones. It makes every diet unit of meals to be simply absorbed by the physique. This helps in assembly the nutrient necessities of the physique. Therefore, it prevents the semi-digestion of meals which in any other case are saved as fat. Cinnamon can forestall fats cell storage by regulating blood glucose ranges. Extra glucose is normally transformed to fats and saved within the physique. Like talked about above, cinnamon has insulin-potentiating results that regulate the blood glucose degree. Additionally, this helps in sustaining the diabetic weight in sufferers.  Cinnamon helps in holding the physique lively by boosting the metabolism. It’s identified that including cinnamon in your meals can truly enhance alertness. Therefore, helps in sustaining physique weight.

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Aspect Results Of Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Whereas we at the moment are pretty acquainted with the advantages of cinnamon, there are few issues you must learn about overeating of the spice. 

Consuming an excessive amount of of the Cassia cinnamon can hamper your well being. Cinnamon is discovered to encompass excessive quantities of a compound referred to as coumarin. This coumarin is discovered to be interlinked with liver injury points. Cinnamon additionally incorporates cinnamaldehyde.[6] This compound can set off allergic reactions within the physique when consumed in excessive quantities. Thus, overeating of the spice could end in mouth sores and even burning or itching sensations. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is usually a throat irritant that will result in widespread issues like coughing or respiratory issues. In truth, taking excessive quantities of dry cinnamon could attain the lungs and create lung infections too.  Taking cinnamon in extreme quantities can promote the side- results of sure medicines. It could possibly amplify the unwanted effects of medicines like paracetamol and acetaminophen and will trigger liver injury. Cinnamon dietary supplements may additionally have an effect on the working of antibiotics and diabetes medicines. Cinnamon may even induce untimely labour. Therefore it’s suggested to keep away from cinnamon in case you are pregnant.


That will help you carve your weight loss program chart extra precisely and to let you know the way a lot and the way cinnamon will help you, listed here are just a few ceaselessly requested questions that may information you thru.

1. How can I take advantage of cinnamon for weight reduction?

A. You may embrace the spice in your every day diet plans in several methods. Be it together with in your morning tea or simply including it as a flavouring agent to your dishes, every part works superb. Cinnamon can assist you in weight reduction by controlling your urge for food and likewise by regulating your blood glucose ranges.

2. Can cinnamon assist lose stomach fats?

A. By sustaining the levels of cholesterol and the blood sugar degree, consuming cinnamon can have an effect on the general weight lack of the physique. 

The fats saved within the stomach, often called visceral fats, typically results in coronary heart illnesses and diabetes. And research have proven that via weight loss program this fats will be managed effectively. Many analysis carried out on mice has proved that together with cinnamon within the weight loss program could assist scale back this stomach fats. 

Therefore, dieticians have proven constructive opinions about including cinnamon to cuisines to stop ldl cholesterol, diabetes in addition to stomach fats. 

three. Is cinnamon dangerous for kidneys?

A. Together with cinnamon naturally in your weight loss program will be helpful for a lot of well being issues. Nonetheless, supplemental doses of spices reminiscent of turmeric and cinnamon could end in sure points.

Research present that prime oxalate consumption could end in kidney points. The share of oxalate that was water-soluble differed markedly between cinnamon (6%) and turmeric (91%). 

Therefore the consumption of supplemental doses of turmeric and never cinnamon could considerably improve urinary oxalate ranges. Thereafter will increase dangers of kidney stone formation. [7]

four. How a lot cinnamon can you’re taking a day?

A. You may take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder a day. Like talked about above, extreme doses of cinnamon could end in different well being points. Therefore, together with it reasonably in your weight loss program can do the trick!

In case of doubts or confusion on consuming cinnamon, you possibly can at all times have a phrase together with your nutritionist. Specialists recommendation is at all times a solution to success!

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