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Being fat in today’s society is an utterly soul destroying experience.

Case in point, even my mother told me I was fat…

She didn’t say it in those exact words, she was actually very polite about it and was genuinely concerned about my health and well-being, but the shocking message was clear…

I was pushing 240lbs+ (110kg), I was clearly overweight despite telling myself it was muscle and that I looked ‘big’ (no, I looked fat), I had what looked like a horrible “beer-gut” even though I don’t drink much beer, and in all honesty I was utterly miserable about it.

While I’d been able to diet with temporary success before, and despite my disgust at my own present body image, at this point in life I was feeling somewhat lost with regards to getting lean as I just wasn’t ready to deal with the crushing hunger and crushing carb cravings of a typical weight loss diet. 

But one evening as I was getting ready to go out, with the always-present sad realisation that I really didn’t fit into my largest size jeans, something in me snapped.

I was just so fed up with feeling crap about my body image that in a knee-jerk reaction I vowed to spend the next day fasting completely and consuming nothing but water.

I’d seen the benefits of fasting on documentaries, and half way through my day of fasting while sipping my water I realised that psychologically the extreme change felt really good because I was actually doing something.

However I also realised that fasting obviously wasn’t a permanent solution and I was concerned about any downsides to long duration’s of fasting.

And besides that, hunger was setting in…  

I hit Google on a mission and started searching for a viable long term solution like a mad man…

After what seemed like an ice-age of researching I finally discovered a style of eating that amazingly brought sugar and carb cravings down to zero, and caused hunger to be totally banished!

I quickly ended my period of fasting and dove straight into this new way of eating called the ketogenic diet, and in the first week, to my shock, I dropped a pound a day! 

What’s even better, and I hardly believed it could be true, but miraculously within a few days my hunger was totally gone and I was actually under my target food intake consistently without trying – all thanks to being in ketosis!

For the first time, dieting was… easy.

The next five weeks were literally life changing… 

I had renewed mental focus and a fantastic sense of well-being, no midday slump, better sleep, but best of all I could look in the mirror and be genuinely happy with the FAST progress I saw!

At the end of my first target five week time frame I’d dropped a stunning 26 pounds!


…I’m certainly not gifted in this sense, I simply put some pieces of the puzzle together and dedicated myself to the easily achievable process for a period of time.  

In fact I’m just a regular Joe (actually my name is Mark), no different to you or anyone else out there in the world trying to get their weight under control.

I live in the suburbs, I work my job through the week, and I mow the grass the feed the back-yard chickens on the weekend…

I wasn’t born special, nor was I born looking like an athlete, but after I figured out how to properly execute a keto diet I came to look like a life-long athlete much sooner than I ever imagined possible…


I was so happy with my progress I posted some pictures of myself on my social media accounts to share my success, and the response blew my mind…

People started coming out of the woodwork asking me how I’d done it, how I achieved such an amazing transformation…

…it shocked me just how many others out there felt so similar to me when being overweight…

Hearing that other people felt this way drove me to help anyone and everyone to follow in my footsteps at every possible opportunity and get them looking amazingly leaner…


All of a sudden I had friends and family from every walk of life experiencing the amazing benefits of the program I was following, a program that allows you to…

But, there was a problem…

…I only had so much time, I was constantly getting the same questions over and over again from different people, I simply couldn’t keep up and had to come up with a different approach.

It wasn’t long before I came up with the solution…

The Revolutionary Keto Caveman Protocol

The detailed Keto Caveman Protocol, a fully directed step-by-step eating plan and program that takes you back to the days (of our caveman ancestors) when nasty refined foods weren’t doing us horrific damage, nutritious whole foods and low to moderate carbohydrates were the name of the game, and eating intuitively was key!

…and it’s the very program you now have available to you right here!

With this finely detailed tailored program you can right now:


With the Keto Caveman Protocol you have the option of learning exactly how the keto diet works and following guided steps to building your own eating and fat loss plan (never rely on anyone else again!)…

Or, you can follow the “Do This Now” steps and dive straight in with minimal thinking!

Here are the tools, guides and programs you’ll get in the Keto Caveman Protocol.

The Keto Instant SHOCK-LOSS Eating Plan

With tactics that you simply won’t find elsewhere, this is the CORE guide that swiftly shocks your body into true nutritional ketosis and accelerates the fat-melting process!

3-Month Critical Goals & Progress Template

Know your EXACT daily plan and hit your pre-defined goals easily!

​Keto Meal Perfection Cheat-Sheet Template

Leave NOTHING to chance, guarantee your entry into ketosis and guarantee your fat loss progress by utilising this daily meals Macro Nutrient Cheat Sheet Template!

Hands down the ultimate online guide to quickly learn the exact foods you can enjoy on a super effective keto diet!

VIP Private Facebook Support Group

PLUS… Every Single Component Comes With The Following:

What’s better, all the thinking has been done for you and the Keto Caveman Protocol puts your fat loss almost entirely on auto-pilot!

You have the option of simply sitting back and following the “DO THIS NOW” steps for the simplest and fastest fat loss you’ve ever experienced, OR, you can immerse yourself in learning how to construct your own eating plan and exercise regime and take absolute and full control of how your physique looks.

This program let’s you approach your weight loss in whichever way suits your style better!



Here’s the thing… after years of experimenting with so many fat loss programs it’s now my clear opinion that they promise the world with with unbelievable claims such as a simple ‘7’ minute daily fix, or a special ‘tea’ or supplement, but fat loss is sadly not that easy and these programs and gimmicks will never work.

With this in mind I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the Keto Caveman Protocol has the following:

1. No gimmicks – no worthless ‘teas’ or smoothies that don’t actually help you to lose fat;

2. No wrapping you up in cotton wool – fat loss is not always easy, I will always tell it like it is and give you the easiest (albeit sometimes challenging) steps to lose the fat as fast as possible;

3. No expensive supplements required – most supplements are garbage and simply don’t work, and I refuse to lie to you with these claims or offers. You’ll get only tried and true science-backed methods in the Keto Caveman Protocol that will give lasting results;

4. No ‘7’ minutes of exercise to a new body – so many programs claim to give you an exercise program you can do for a handful of minutes per day and promises the world – and it’s total crap. The Keto Caveman Protocol will never lead you on like this with lies and mistruths, and any and all exercise programs will be based on science with tangible results!


After hearing about all the amazing benefits and outcomes of this program, plus learning that it doesn’t rely on bogus tricks, some clients ask me things like… “Mark… how am I supposed to succeed at this without these tricks I always see advertised?”

Here’s some of reason why this program will work wonders for you based on questions you have:

Here are the surprising facts…

BUT…  you’re not going to get charged that, not even half…


I’ve put my heart and soul into this program which is growing with new content every single month, and I want to make it accessible to everyone.

Despite having read this far, you could quite easily opt to ignore the opportunity in front of you, including the massive discount that’s only available if you act now and the free (for a short time!) personal mastermind support group, and rest assured you’ll be turning your back on one of the most effective fat loss programs you will ever come across…

To get the body you’ve only dreamed about now, to get all the guides and lessons you need to be the happiest you’ve ever been about your body image now, to get all the easy-access ongoing personal support you need to start melting the pounds off right now…

All you have to pay if you act right now for instant access is the substantially discounted amount of…

Recurring monthly until cancelled at your discretion 👍


I’ve experienced first hand how unimaginably well keto works, the miraculous fat burning effectiveness it has had for me, and the overwhelmingly positive affect it’s had on every aspect of my life…

And I want to share as much of my knowledge in achieving this with you that I can.

So I’m throwing in four more bonus guides and keto tools to help you hit the ground running, and getting the fat melting off as quickly as possible!

KetoCrew Meals & Recipes Guide

Take the effort out of creating your own meals using the range of kick-starter keto meals in this members only bonus KetoCrew Meals & Recipes Guide!

We’ve got you covered for more than just keto meals, now you’ve got keto snacks taken care of as well with a range of options to get you started and keep you in ketosis!

The Ketosis Passport Guide

Newcomers to the keto diet can be very unsure about whether they’re actually in nutritional ketosis, but ceases to be a problem with the Ketosis Passport Guide!

Fat Loss Progress Handbook

Your body is a master of adapting to fat loss efforts, but the Keto Crew Fat Loss Progress Handbook will give you the tools you need to keep the fat melting off your frame:

All you have to pay if you act immediately is a substantially discounted price of…

Join Us As A Member Of The Keto Crew NOW!

I genuinely hope to warmly welcome you into the Keto Crew, and I know that with my help you’ll get the results you’re desperate for just like I did…


Just being overweight is bloody hard, on every aspect of your life…

I know it first hand… the clothes not fitting anymore… not feeling attractive to the person you want to be ‘hot’ for (and sadly, for good reason), not wanting to be seen naked (even by you yourself)…

But if you’ve read this far you’re one a select group of individuals who really cares about what you get out of life, and, you are willing to do what it takes to sling-shot out of the over-weight rut you’re in and launch into a brand new you!

When you access the The Keto Caveman Protocol it gives you very specific fat loss steps and teaches you to use healthy whole-foods to quickly and as easily as possible have the pounds melting off you!

It will allow you to stave off hunger and sugar cravings extremely quickly and for once easily stick to a diet for the long term (as long as you want!) with ease!

It will give you a host of programs, streaming video lessons, “Do This Now” guides, for a limited time FREE access to the private Keto Crew Mastermind Support Community where you’ll get all your questions answered, but only if you act now…

…and when you do act immediately a leaner body can be yours for an amazingly discounted price…

Join Us As A Member Of The Keto Crew NOW!

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